Annual Dinner & Presentation Evening 2017

The Club held a very successful Annual Dinner & Presentation Evening at Tavistock Golf Club on Saturday 4th November. Trophies were awarded by the Club’s Chairman, Mr Tony Boxall, to the following.


Timmins Triples League: Winners M Allen, Mrs B Carter, T Gobby, E Piper, J Smith

Mixed Triples: Winners M Felles, Mrs J Gilbert, R Gillfillan – Runners Up R Kelly, Mrs S Gillfillan, Mrs M Paramor

Mixed Pairs: Winners Mrs E Browse, R Gilbert – Runners Up Mrs H Lovell, N Paramor

Men’s Handicap: Winner E Piper – Runner Up P Willicott

Kerswill: Winner M Clark – Runner Up D Johns

Bryan Parker : Winner M Clark – Runner Up D Johns

Muzzlewhite: Winner M Felles – Runner Up P Willicott

Men’s Two Wood: Winner H Kelly – Runner Up C Carter

Men’s Championship: Winner T Boxall – Runner Up M Clark

Men’s Pairs: Winners M Allen, H Kelly – Runners Up T Smith, R Gilbert

Ladies Two Woods: Winner Mrs M Allen – Runner Up Mrs P Anstead

Ladies Pairs: Winners Mrs J Gilbert, Mrs H Lovell – Runners Up Mrs E Browse, Mrs V Blair

Ladies Championship: Winner Mrs M Allen – Runner Up Mrs V Blair

Ladies Handicap: Winner Mrs V Blair – Runner Up Mrs P Anstead

Short Mat

Mixed Pairs: Winners Mrs S Blackburn, J Timmins – Runners Up B Ellicott, T Gobby

Mixed Triples: Winners E Browse, B Ellicott, J Sloane – Runners Up Mrs B Carter, D Johns, Mrs D Pittaway

72s: Winner: B Lamb – Runner Up Mrs S Blackburn

Bryan Parker: Winner G Blackburn, Runner Up J Timmins

Ladies Singles: Winner Mrs M Paramor – Runner Up Mrs B Carter

Men’s Singles: Winner R Mitchell – Runner Up D Johns

Championship: Winner R Mitchell – Runner Up Mrs M Paramor

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