Car Parking

The stretch of road opposite the Bowls Club in Plymouth Road allows free parking all day up to the Bus Station turning.  However, during the day, this area is used by workers in the town so it can be difficult to find a space.  During the evening, there is more chance of parking.

If you do need to use paid parking, four of Tavistock’s car parks now have an all-day flat rate charge. Two of these are in fairly close proximity to the Bowls Club.

1.  Bedford Car Park – on the same side of Plymouth Road as the Bowls Club, turning opposite the Bus Station. This car park is to the left at the top of Canal Road (note the Wharf Car Park, on the right, charges by the hour for a maximum of three hours). The daily charge is £2.50.

2. Riverside Car Park – situated in Pixon Lane (opposite M & C White Garage).  This car park is on the other side of the Meadows park from the Bowls Club. The daily charge is £2.00.

There is also a free parking area towards the top of Pixon Lane by the overhead bridge (except on Tuesdays when it is reserved for users of the Cattle Market).

If you are visiting for an afternoon game and need to access paid parking, then either the Bedford Car Park or the Riverside Car Park will be the most cost effective.  However, if you are visiting for an evening game and only need to pay for a short amount of parking (it’s free after 6.00pm), then it would be better to use the Wharf Car Park which charges 70p for half-an-hour, £1.30 for an hour and £2.00 for two hours.


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