Closing of the Green

Although there are still some games to play in the next week because of weather related cancellations, the official end of season game between the Ladies’ and Men’s Captains teams was held on Saturday 23 September. Play took place on six rinks with certain areas marked as ‘out of bounds’ due to the wetness of the green following the rainfall over the previous few weeks.  The weather was lovely and sunny so it proved ideal conditions for playing bowls.  The match was followed by a very enjoyable BBQ.

The BBQ chefs – Geoff & Mick

One thought on “Closing of the Green

  1. Colin Doyle

    Fancy ignoring the ‘no smoking’ rules of the green – the BBQ was really smoking well, even the shoppers in Bedford Square had their tongues hanging out for a piece of the action! Well done chaps. Nice afternoon out – special thanks to all the backroom helpers and organisers.


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